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DG Engineering Construction Company has been working for over 25 years in engineering, building and restoration fields. It was set up as a little local entity in Rome, it learnt how to develop skills and increase interests up to become a company that is able to manage projects and construction sites both in Italy and abroad. DG ecc strongly believes that any activity in the construction field needs a specific and in-depth engineering analysis. Our service flagship deals with guaranteeing an accurate performance in terms of quality and timing. Environment protection and the integration of new buildings with their natural surroundings, has led DG ecc to deepen those subjects so as to become a leader in the energy saving field, through the use of high-performance and technologically advanced construction tools. In the international sphere we are honoured to let everyone judge Italian excellence in terms of engineering services and planning, but also in terms of decorations and furniture. DG Engineering Company also offers its customs the opportunity to address a unique company, from planning to building your home, including designs of your made in Italy furniture. DG ecc focuses its activities on customer satisfaction achievement and it aims to implement those services in order to maximize time and economical investments.



“Architecture is not simply construction, or even satisfaction of material needs; it must be something more: it is the strength that regulates these constructive and utilitarian qualities in order to give an even higher aesthetic value […] it concerns harmony proportions in order to induce the observer’s soul into contemplation or emotion” Cit. Giuseppe Terragni, Per un!architettura italiana moderna, in La Tribuna, March 23th, 1931.


  • Use of renewable energy sources through geothermal and aerothermal machines.
  •  Very high energy efficiency by using low enthalpy plant systems and technologies for free heat recovery.
  • Use of low environmental impact refrigerants systems, such as CO2 or R1234.
  • Solar source exploitation thanks to the use of these mechanisms: innovative solar-thermal systems, sewage or self-protected and solar electric generation equipped with smart inverters, for real-time modification of the load set-up points.



Motorisation and automation of all mechanical transmissions, also concerning external inputs and unforeseen situations. Maximum reliability due to:

  • Implementation of advanced redundancy;
  • Back-up systems provided with maximum security and protection;
  • Advanced video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems: selective access control, recognition and alarm;
  •  Meticulous care of the design components in the environment.


Advanced domotic systems, which allow all users to manage even remotely, thanks to the implementation of several interactions between different types of electrical users (lights, audio and video), related to a specific environment or to the entire building. Regulation and precision control of electrical system, audio-video, alarm and video surveillance systems, HVAC.


Masonry made of stone, bricks or mixed materials, which are often damaged by seismic events or by a natural degradation of their components. In these cases, the structural consolidation should be not only non-invasive, but also suitable and inherent with the historical and architectural profile of the above-mentioned buildings. Carbon fibre employment has developed several elements to satisfy those requirements, through meshes systems that include different types of masonry, connected to the beam and to a strengthened premixed mortar.


Advanced audio-video systems, provided with the use of a centralized matrix, specifically designed to send the signal back to the users (smart tv, video projectors, audio speakers etc). Smart tv workstation can also be provided with advanced remote commands, allowing both multi-medial control and the one of the home!s automation applications.

  •  Sound-bars equipped with one-of-a-kind systems produced by the most prestigious brands in the market (Bose, Steinway, McIntosh etc), and custom-made in order to maximize the visual-sound experience.
  • Advanced cabling, of the TPC-IP type or with fiber optic cables.


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